CMQ Investing Presents: Compound Money Quietly

CMQ Investing Presents: Compound Money Quietly

The investing podcast that helps you learn and apply the wisdom of legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Tune-out the noise when you tune-in with us!

Apple vs. Facebook: The Second-Order Effects of Apple's Privacy Changes

The war between Apple and Facebook is far from over. This episode reveals how small businessess are struggling to acquire new customers as efficiently as they once did, prior to Apple's privacy changes. What does this mean for the businesses you follow? 

Investors Beware: How Ignoring Turnover Ratios Can Crush Your Long-Term Returns

One of the advantages of the VOO over the VTI is the turnover ratio. This metric is important for all investors to understand, and this episode will help you do just that. Hope you enjoy! 

5 Costly Mistakes That Investors Can Easily Avoid (According to Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger)

This episode uncovers 5 costly investing mistakes that all investors should avoid. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger discussed these mistakes at Berkshire Hathaway meetings pre-1994 i.e. before the meetings were recorded and transcribed. Listen to the full episode for the full story. 

My Stock Portfolio Revealed

It has been 90 days since I last shared the details about what is inside my stock portfolio. You will learn what seven stocks (and two index funds) make up nearly 100% of the portfolio's value. I also detail the time-tested principles that serve as the foundation of my personal investment strategy. ...

Delisting Drama For Alibaba ($BABA)

Alibaba was the U.S.’s largest IPO in 2014, but now $BABA is one step closer to being delisted. What happened to Alibaba between now and then? Should U.S. shareholders worry about a potential delisting? Find out the latest about Alibaba's delisting drama in this episode. 

The Psychology of Elon Musk’s Costliest Mistakes (Feat. Wisdom From Charlie Munger)

Elon Musk’s character traits have a tendency to get him into trouble, as shown by Twitter’s new lawsuit attempting to force the completion of his $44 billion acquisition of the company. What are those traits, and what can we learn from them? I share my analysis of Elon Musk’s psychology and some rel...